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Westcoast Rebrand Six Months On

Published date: 07/06/2018 16:02

We still can't quite believe it's been 6 months since the launch of our brand new identity. It seems like only yesterday we launched our new look to the channel. It really has been a great 6 months indeed and we've certainly come a long way...
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AR: the future of the in-store layout

Published date: 30/05/2018 10:36

AR, or augmented reality, may sound like something better left to science fiction novels, however it’s increasingly permeating our everyday lives.
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The Four Key Accessories for Data Protection

Published date: 18/05/2018 10:42

Data. It’s a small word with big implications. How do you store it? How do you protect it? Well, organisations can (and should) get a robust well-rounded security solution, but there are also a huge amount of things you can do to look after your data at a physical level.
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Looking to give your health a boost for the summer? Start here.

Published date: 14/05/2018 14:42

Now that the weather has improved to such a degree where going outside isn’t met with concerned glances and the very real possibility of getting drenched to the bone, it’s a great time to take stock of your health and wellbeing and start making positive changes.
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Untidy Desk? Here Are Four Quick Fixes

Published date: 08/05/2018 15:22

It’s never been easier to have a cluttered desk. The wide range of devices being used at the workplace combined with the lofty mountain of to-do lists and post-it notes means that it can feel like a pointless struggle to overcome the problem
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