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Expand the learning experience

Engage students with their favourite characters 


When it comes to teaching young students, it often helps to engage them with fun, recognisable characters. That’s where Kano’s Coding Kits come in. 

Sold separately and compatible with most Windows 10 computers, Macs and iPads, these Coding Kits teach students the basics of coding with what feels like magic. A motion sensor allows students to channel the Force and conjure ice palaces with a wave of their hand. 

These add-on kits are perfect for expanding learning – and your sales opportunities.

The Force™ Coding Kit

Students learn about JavaScript, loops, logic and variables by swinging lightsabers, piloting starships, shooting lightning and more.

Disney Frozen II Coding Kit

“Awaken the elements inside”. Give students coding confidence as they go on an epic journey of discovery with Elsa and Olaf. 

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