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WardWiz aim to ensure that PCs and smartphones remain powerful and systems are not compromised by digital attacks from ransomware, spyware or any other malicious software.

Digital technology enables us to do and achieve much more than ever before.

PCs and smartphones enable people to make the most of their skills in today's knowledge-based economy. But the performance of PCs/Smartphones themselves is affected by a variety of digital threats.

Based on the knowledge that it takes much more than just an anti-virus function, WardWiz has been developed to keep PCs and systems running efficiently and protect them from unauthorised access of any kind.

WardWiz Android Essentials: virus scanning, file encryption and Phone Booster. It also provides the ultimate protection to make it much more difficult to steal your device and an innovative feature to keep an eye on your kids to keep them safe.

WardWiz iOS Essentials: anti-theft protection through the motion alarm, the ability to surf with a private browse, and parental control so you can manage and control your child's internet usage to keep them away from harmful websites.

WardWiz Essential Plus: a variety of features such as a heuristic virus scan with zero-day protection, file encryption and system tune-up tools. In addition to WardWiz Essential, WardWiz Essential Plus offers features such as email scanning, parental control and firewall.


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We are making security updates to our website over the coming weeks. This will include a multifactor authentication during log in.