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The case for moving to a digital environment is huge. The business landscape is deluged with data, and regulations for information processing are only getting tighter. There’s never been a better time to turn the paper trail to digital.

Digital technology has unlocked new opportunities to improve efficiency and strengthen the safeguarding of information. With Fujitsu scanners, organisations can capture, manage and share knowledge faster, more securely and more accurately – which means less risk of documents going missing, reducing in quality or getting into the wrong hands.

Inspired by innovation and built to deliver speed, image quality and simple integration, Fujitsu scanners can transform workflows and help businesses adapt to the modern workplace.

£3200 The annual cost of
printing and postage for
a 10-person organisation.1

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Ready for the work you do

Whether it’s a teacher preparing for parents evening or a healthcare professional searching for the next patient’s data, Fujitsu scanners can meet the challenges that arise across all industries. With such a large selection to choose from, there’s something for everyone, whatever their workday brings.


Improving patient outcomes is the priority for all healthcare providers. But when faced with cost pressures and changing regulation, keeping up is crucial. Committing patient files to digital makes it quicker and more secure to store and access the information that helps healthcare professionals do their job better.

  • Digital documentation enhances data security for compliance requirements, vital in the age of GDPR
  • Centralised storage makes it easier to access patient files, boosting productivity, saving money and improving the patient’s experience

Financial services

When it comes to financial services, documentation comes in volume and variety. Add frequent, technology-led changes to regulation, growing concerns over data breaches and growing customer expectation, and an agile record keeping strategy should be top of the priority list. Fujitsu scanners transform documents to digital for flexible, fast processing.

  • Digital documentation capture means faster data retrieval, even with large volumes, and better analysis
  • Centralised storage reduces the chance of a data breach


Schools, colleges and universities are under pressure to cut costs while improving learning outcomes. To make administrative tasks, such as correspondence between teachers and parents, less time-consuming and address GDPR concerns, institutions are turning to the benefits of Fujitsu scanners for immediate solutions.

  • Capturing a student’s work can track progress throughout the term to recognise improvements and focus learning objectives
  • Digitisation of documentation can ensure easier access to important files such as permission slips or special requirements – giving teachers more time to teach

Public sector

Data governance in the public sector is under the scrutiny of regulations, legal compliance and the media. How can public sector organisations stay afloat in the ocean of paperwork? Fujitsu scanners meet the demanding requirements that national and local authorities face. Digitising files brings better efficiency for storing and sharing information, such as financial or policy documentation.

  • Digital systems make it easier to protect sensitive information, with the option to set password protection or access limitations
  • Digitisation makes it faster to access files, streamlining processes and saving money

Discover how Fujitsu scanners support industries.

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