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The smart home concept is nothing new. Ideas for interconnected devices and automatic adjustments to people’s needs emerged decades ago. But the development of new technologies—especially the ascent of the Internet of Things empowered by AI and 5G—real intelligence is finally possible and the market is expanding every year.
Memories are often lost in the passage of time. Details slip away, moments combine and reorder, and recall can become more challenging with age. Illness can dramatically and tragically accelerate that process. Dementia can upend what so many take for granted, but one promising treatment—a true frontier now gaining traction—may be the immersive power of VR.
From never-before-seen form factors to new user experiences, Lenovo’s innovation history is laden with firsts that have continued to define and re-imagine smart, personalized computing. Today, another breakthrough is on the horizon.
Technology is driven by the next big thing and at Transform 3.0 at Accelerate, Lenovo is launching a new sub-brand dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) called ThinkBook – starting with a new line of ultra-slim Windows 10 laptops that embrace the portability and ease-of-use of modern consumer-oriented devices and will no doubt help to empower tomorrow’s successful business leaders.

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