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In order to keep up with changing technology and expectations, your customers need an operating system at the cutting edge. They need one that provides the very latest in collaboration technology, along with enhanced security and unmatched compatibility. It wouldn’t hurt if it’s incredibly familiar to them either.

We recommend Windows 10 Pro, the professional edition of the world’s most popular operating system. Combined with powerful new devices, in a range of styles and a huge choice of price points, you can provide future-proofed devices that meet and exceed every requirement your customers might have.

We're here to help!

While you may already know all about the simplicity, security, better user experience and lower total cost of ownership that Windows 10 Pro devices offer, we’re here to help you convey the advantages to your customers – and ultimately increase your sales.

Whether you’re a Windows 10 Pro veteran or not currently offering the OS, or not even selling Windows 10 Pro devices, this is an opportunity to expand your business offering, make your customers happier and boost your profits. 

And to help you do that, we’ve prepared a range of tools for you to use. They’re all free to download and will help you understand the benefits of Windows 10 Pro and convey them to your customers.

eGuide and Toolkit

See the benefits of Windows 10 Pro and use our toolkit to help your customers

Infographic – See the benefits

Share the advantages of Windows 10 Pro with our handy infographic, perfect for explaining the benefits to customers.

Our pick of Windows 10 Pro devices.

We recommend devices from HP and Lenovo, two of the most respected computer manufacturers in the world.

The world’s largest PC maker has a strong reputation for quality at every price point. Famed for its ThinkPad and ThinkCentre business devices, Lenovo will not let you down.


M720 Tiny

A miniscule, desktop with the capability of a much larger device. Ideal for office workers who use cloud features.


ThinkPad T14s

A truly classic business laptop packed with modern features and capable of keeping up with a long day of working from anywhere.


ThinkPad X1 Yoga

2-in-1 convenience with the power of a desktop. This device is capable of handling everything most businesses can throw at it.

As one of the most storied and respected PC builders in the world, HP needs no introduction. Expect quality and smart design.


ProDesk 400 G5 Mini

This desktop PC may look like an updated classic, but there’s a lot going on that’s perfect for business. It’s affordable, powerful and energy efficient.


ProBook 400 G6

A 15.6" business laptop with a capable processor at the heart, perfect for workers in the office or on the road.


EliteBook x360 1030

Four modes (laptop, tablet, tent and media) deliver modern-day versatility and bring new life to collaboration and productivity.

Not convinced?

Here's 10 reasons why Windows 10 Pro is the right choice

Enhanced Security

Windows 10 Pro is the most secure Windows ever.

Regular, lifelong updates

Windows 10 Pro hasn’t been designed to eventually be replaced. It has been built to be constantly updated for the foreseeable future.

Incredible compatibility

If software exists, chances are it was designed for Windows 10 Pro. Whatever you need, it should run without issue.

Increased reliability

Modern devices running Windows 10 Pro benefit from years of learnings and upgrades, meaning they boast significantly better reliability than older devices.

Built for the cloud age

Windows 10 Pro takes full advantage of cloud tech, such as Microsoft Azure, in order to keep you working anywhere and everywhere.

Touchscreen flexibility

Windows 10 Pro is not just a computer OS; it’s designed to work on a wider range of devices than ever before. It’s intuitive to use with whatever input you want.

More choice

With other operating systems, you can only choose from a few devices. With Windows 10 Pro, you can pick from dozens of manufacturers, at any price point, for any purpose. Or, you can build your own custom device.

Lower energy usage

Windows 10 Pro has been designed to be as low-effort for a computer to run as possible. That means more devices can benefit, and even the most powerful devices use less energy, saving you money.

The Office features you'd expect

Love it or loathe it, Microsoft Office is an essential for millions of businesses across the globe. And now, it’s smarter and more comprehensive than ever when used on Windows 10 Pro.

It's the Windows people know, made better

It’s a good bet that nearly every person in the UK has used a Windows PC at some point. While certain things have evolved, the experience will be fundamentally familiar to every one of them.

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