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After nearly a decade at the heart of businesses worldwide, Windows 7 is now approaching retirement. As a result, End of Support (EOS) is arriving soon, to help move current users across to devices running the younger, more capable Windows 10 Pro, before support for Windows 7 ends on 14th January 2020 and the security of devices using the old OS becomes a risk.

While it’s possible to simply upgrade your customers’ existing Windows 7 devices to Windows 10 Pro, they’ll get more from both their experience and investment if they choose new devices that are designed to take full advantage of Windows 10 Pro capabilities.


  • Enhanced Security
  • - Windows 10 Pro is the most secure Windows ever
  • Greater productivity
  • - Saving customers time and money
  • Greater performance and reliability
  • - Through smarter processors and mature technical design
  • Regular, lifelong updates
  • - Windows 10 is an advanced, improved and continually updated version of the Windows 7 your customers know and love


    While you may already know all about the simplicity, security, better user experience and lower total cost of ownership that Windows 10 Pro devices offer, we’re here to help you convey the advantages to your customers – and ultimately increase your sales.

    Whether you’re a Windows 10 Pro veteran or not currently offering the OS, or not even selling Windows 10 Pro devices, this is an opportunity to expand your business offering, make your customers happier and boost your profits.

    And to help you do that, we’ve prepared a range of tools for you to use. They’re all free to download and will help you understand the benefits of Windows 10 Pro and convey them to your customers.


    Give your team a clear understanding of what’s happening to Windows 7, as well as where the opportunities lie, in just 60 seconds.

    The tools you need to engage customers             The information you need to sell
    We’ve created a range of assets, from emails to adverts, designed to help you get the message across. All you need to do is brand them up with your own logo and send them.             Get the information you and your team need in a format that works for you. From cheatsheets that can sit by your desk for an at-a-glance reminder, to comprehensive PDFs that explain all, these tools will aid your mastery of Windows 10 Pro.



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