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2024: Doubling revenue with services and support

Published date: 09 February 2024

For the first time in over 40 years, Technology Services is a bigger growth area than Telco, according to research shared by Canalys Vice President, Rachel Lashford, at Win with Westcoast. The leading global market analyst anticipates that in 2024, for every $1 spent on technology, the channel will deliver another $2 in services and support.

Reseller partners that succeed in 2024 will be those with a strong value-add offering, providing more customers with more consultancy through each stage of the value chain. In this new landscape, Westcoast can help partners position themselves as business specialists, with support models like managed services – a growth area that’s now a $488 billion1 business worldwide. And help them be recognised as experts in the verticals and industries that their customers operate. Our extensive services and support provide a complete approach, covering everything from flexible financing to equipment disposal, site visits to warehousing.

The specialisms demanded include providing guidance in driving sustainable change. With energy efficiency an increasing business priority, largely driven in the UK by government regulations and a need to reduce costs, Westcoast can help partners provide organisations with sound guidance on how to make more sustainable decisions in IT procurement and circularity strategies.

Win with Westcoast

Customers are looking for suppliers that understand their business and their market. Westcoast helps its partners deliver on this expectation, providing the tailored support and services needed to overcome their customers’ business challenges, and aid time and resource poor IT buyers. Putting the channel in good stead to capitalise on this huge opportunity.

Westcoast provides more than hardware and software. We can help you deliver an end-to-end solution for your customers, right through from initial consultancy to delivery, implementation, and ongoing support. We provide initiatives that align with a business’ sustainability objectives, such as green couriers for logistics and delivery distance reports, as well as supporting with technology training, and much, much more.

Contact your account manager, to discover how we can help bring the value of services and support to your business.


1 Canalys estimates, July 2023


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