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3 Blinding Mice

Published date: 14/02/2018 11:42

Three Very Different Mice Have Just Launched From CHERRY

Some vendors like to draw out their releases, trickling out a product ever so slowly before going radio silent until the product refresh a year later. These vendors aren’t like CHERRY. Maybe they should be.

With mice, there’s never a ‘right’ choice because tastes and needs vary so much. This is why CHERRY have recently released a grand total of three mice, with each one looking to address a different type of customer.

First up is the Gentix Silent, which, as you may have guessed, is all about being whisper-quiet. It’s USB powered and (quietly) boasts noiseless buttons, a sturdy but comfortable grip and a symmetrical design so that lefties can get in on the action too. Positioned for public spaces and open-plan offices where employees want to gain a bit of their sanity back, the 1000 dpi mouse works straight out of the box without the need for any software installations.

Next up is the CHERRY MC 4900, which is not in fact a robot DJ from the future, but a mouse with a built-in fingerprint reader. This naturally has immediate benefits for those in the public sector, as well as businesses where different users are sharing devices. The fingerprint sensor allows for secure and fast authentication, no matter whether it’s through a single sign-on system, or as part of a multi-factor security process. Crucially it works with Windows Hello, making it ideal for users of Windows 10. As well as being great for left and right-handers, it’s powered through USB and has a sampling rate of 1375 dpi.

Lastly from the all caps vendor is the MW 4500, and this is a mouse that is all about comfort, whether it’s being used in an office or at home. The design looks to relieve wrist tension by placing the user’s hand at a 45-degree angle, making for a much more natural position, and that’s just the beginning of the user-friendly design. Based on user requirements the optical resolution can be set at either 600, 900 or 1200 dpi, whichever feels more natural, while an extra two buttons (three including the scroll wheel) allow for quicker navigation in web browsers. Completing the package is the USB receiver, which means that you never have to settle for an uncomfortable experience, no matter where you are.

If you have any customers that are in the market for a new mouse, CHERRY are very much looking to spoil them for choice. Along with each mouse being special in its own way, they’re also all available from Westcoast right now; just get in touch with any questions or quoting requirements.


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