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Brexit's Impact on the IT Channel - March 2021

Published date: 23/03/2021 16:59

Recently, our MD Alex Tatham spoke to the team at Channel Futures and Channel Partners, about his thoughts on Brexit's Impact on the IT Channel. 

Alex Tatham, managing director at distributor West Coast, thinks these issues are more material than whether Britain left the EU with or without a deal. 

“They will hamper exports and imports from Britain going forward for ever,” he says. “Many British companies are setting themselves up with an EU VAT registration to ship to ‘themselves’ from the UK or even directly from a European vendor or distributor to by-pass the UK altogether, make shipment easier and ensure that the VAT is reclaimable. 

This is much more material than any duty levied on IT products and related accessories. “Conversely, those companies exporting into Britain will have very similar issues creating opportunities for British businesses to service the EU’s exports to the UK locally.”

To read the full report, please download the article here


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