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Find out how one vendor is changing the landscape of audio management

Published date: 06/10/2017 11:17

Everywhere things are getting smarter, from self-driving cars to supermarket shelves that analyse how we shop (yes, really), and everything in between. So why should headsets get left behind, especially when they’re so important to the business environment?

That’s where Sennheiser’s aptly named HeadSetup Pro Manager comes in. It’s a powerful cloud-based solution that lets an IT administrator manage, update and configure settings for every Sennheiser headset and speakerphone in the organisation, from one central location.

The benefits of this solution are wide-ranging — ultimately it frees up resources on the IT team, saving the staff time and the organisation money. As if that wasn’t enough, it makes auditing extremely simple because users will have full visibility of the entire headset and speakerphone inventory, even for non-Sennheiser devices. Within the dashboard, administrators can also see which devices are active and inactive, and re-allocate as applicable so that there’s never a case of headsets becoming dust collectors.

Security is always going to be a concern in this day and age, and Sennheiser have developed HeadSetup Pro Manager with a range of security features at its core. Chief among these is the simple fact that every communication that goes between the headsets and the HeadSetup client is encrypted, with no sensitive data being stored whatsoever. IT administrators can also push specific configurations or lock certain settings on all or selected devices, to make it easy when it comes to complying with organisational policies or regulatory compliance settings.

Sennheiser are more than aware that organisations might have reservations about using such a radical new option for managing headsets and speakerphones, which is why they’ve made the smart decision of offering a 90-day demo licence for organisations to use. With no commitment required there really isn’t a reason for organisations to ignore such a clever piece of software — especially when it’s designed to save them time and money. With such a long time period to demo the product, it shows a vendor that’s extremely confident in what it’s offering, and this usually goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction. So get your customers to take out a trial, and chances are that they’ll want to convert it to a standard licence so that they can keep benefitting from the savings in costs and resource allocation.

Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro Manager is available now, so what are you waiting for? Start talking to your customers about easy management of their phones and headsets, and get in touch with Westcoast for any quotes or support.

If you would like to try the headset for yourself you can request a free trial here

Download the sales brochure here


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