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Get a complete Surface Pro solution

Published date: 06/07/2018 09:25


When it looked like laptops and tablets had hit a plateau, the Surface range was a welcome success story for sellers and users alike – being hugely versatile machines that pack a premium-sized punch. Though accessories are an important part of every device sale, with premium devices they’re a necessity. Users want to be sure that they’re getting the best out of their new device, and Kensington in particular are more than ready to help.

As you’d expect, Kensington have a huge range of accessories that are ready and waiting to be paired with the Surface Pro, but perhaps what you might not be aware of is how easy Westcoast have made it to pitch the accessories, by making it quicker and simpler than ever to match a product to the user’s particular requirements.

You can see this right now on the dedicated Kensington page on the Westcoast website. There are four main headings which have been linked to some of the key demands of users: Security, Connectivity, Control and Protection. Then, underneath each heading there are a selection of hero products, along with descriptions and the all-important part code to make the order, saving time across the board.

For example, if you select the Security heading, you’ll see the two top picks as a lock and a privacy screen, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the value of the Surface Pro as well as the fact that companies far and wide are clamping down on screen spies. In terms of ready-to-go security, both products couldn’t be simpler to use: with the lock, you simply attach it to the Surface kickstand and secure it with the key; whereas the privacy screen just needs to be fitted to the bezel around the screen of the Pro and it’s good to go.

If you’ve got a customer who is looking to expand the display and connectivity options then, you guessed it, the Connectivity heading is what you should be exploring. Under this heading you’ll see a selection of adapters, for example one that converts the Surface Pro’s Mini DisplayPort into a HDMI port to easily connect to a second display – there’s also the option for a USB hub to expand from one port to four, which makes an already flexible device even more versatile. Plug and play solutions don’t really get any simpler, with both of these accessories working as soon as they’re plugged in – perfect for a quick transition to a presentation.

We won’t spoil all the surprises of the revamped Kensington page, but needless to say, if you’re selling the Surface Pro then this should be a key resource when you or your team are talking to customers and looking to add margin to a sale, while also reinforcing your image as  a reseller that provides a full solution to end-users.

Click here to head to the Kensington page or, if you’re looking for even more accessories, get in touch with your Account Manager or email our dedicated Accessories Team on



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