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HANNspree Monitors Now Available at Westcoast

Published date: 20/07/2018 10:38

Westcoast is all about giving resellers – and, by extension, customers – more choice. One of our favourite ways to prove this commitment is by adding more vendors to our portfolio. Keep in mind this isn’t something we do lightly: the vendor’s products need to suitable and represent real value, while we also need to ensure that our internal teams know the products back to front. It’s fantastic news then that HANNspree’s value requires very little understanding, and that each product family has very distinct features.

The HANNspree proposition is a simple one: each and every monitor is designed around performance and practicality, and by offering such a comprehensive selection, users can get the perfect monitor for their own unique requirements.

So, what does the HANNspree portfolio include? Well, the HT series of monitors are undoubtedly one of the show stealers, thanks to their impressive 10-point touch control, and, because they’re substantially larger than laptops, they feel markedly less tricky to use accurately. They also have VESA support, so you can mount a mini PC to create an all-in-one in disguise or create an eye level touch experience.

Next up, the Hard Glass family of monitors have been designed purposely for heavy-use environments, such as schools and universities. Their key feature is, you guessed it, toughened glass – but this is much more than just a thicker panel. Rated as a 7H on the hardness scale, this selection of monitors includes safety glass fitted behind the bezel, to provide increased protection against bumps and dirt, so customers can be safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the maximum lifetime out of their product.

Elsewhere, the HQ range represents HANNspree’s high-end units, such as a 27-inch 2560x1440 model, ideal for games or applications where every detail counts. The HS-IPS display allows for wide viewing angles, and it’s also toughened – so a minor impact doesn’t have to spell disaster. HANNspree also has a new range of gaming monitors coming soon which will offer casual, regular and up-and-coming gamers super-fast performance.

The truth about the HANNspree range is that it’s simply so vast that we couldn’t include the key points of each product family, but by looking at the headline stories hopefully you’re able to see why we were so excited to bring them on board. And if you do want to know more, that’s where our expert sales team and accessories specialists come into play – so pick up the phone or send us a quick email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Call your account manager for more details 0118 912 6000 or see the full range here 



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