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Introducing Targus antimicrobial accessories for safer, cleaner working

Published date: 07/07/2021 15:20

An increasing number of businesses are preparing for their return to the office, wondering how they will outfit teams with equipment that is safe, easy and comfortable to use.

We’re excited to announce that Westcoast is now distributing a new range of accessories from Targus®, designed specifically for this new working environment.

According to Targus’ own research, 54% of workers expect their office to have improved cleaning protocols in place when they return, and 53% expect Covid-19-specific security. For these reasons, the new Targus range covers three distinct levels of protection:

  1. Barrier protection – Reduces the need to touch surfaces
  2. Integrated antimicrobial protection – Coatings and treatments to prevent micro-organisms from growing on equipment
  3. Active antimicrobial protection – UV-C light disinfects workspaces and devices by attacking bacteria and viruses at the DNA level


Accessories are always a valuable add-on to any reseller offering. In fact, at Westcoast, accessories have always been a focus, not an afterthought. Today, there’s even more opportunities to add value.

Consider some of these top picks to get started:

  • Antimicrobial Simple Ergo Stand 14”
    Improve both desk hygiene and posture with this Ergo Stand, built with DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection.
  • Antimicrobial Pro-Tek™ Case for iPad®
    Eliminate 99.9% of Staphylococcus and E. coli bacteria with this high performance multi-gen iPad® Case.
  • VersaVu™ Slim Case for iPad
    Military-grade protection for iPads with DefenseGuard™, protecting against bumps and germs. Suitable for a range of iPads and allows for multiple viewing angles.
  • 2Office Backpack
    A comfortable, clamshell backpack for laptops up to 17.3", with smart storage, removable pouches and an effective antimicrobial treatment.

To see the full range, head to the accessories section, or speak to one of the team. We’ll help you pick the right Targus accessories for your customers.


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