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Just Launched: HP EliteBook 800 G5 Series

Published date: 26/03/2018 15:37

These might just be the most secure out of the box laptops that we’ve ever used.

 Back in February, HP announced the new EliteBook 800 G5 range. The good news is that these have been released today. The better news is that Westcoast have them available for purchase right now. The best news is that we’re going to show you why your customers should be very excited about getting their hands on one of these exceptional devices. It’s all about the security features.

 When designing the new EliteBook range, HP had a very clear idea in mind. They wanted to address the crucial issue of security at device-level. In the same way that a house has multiple levels of protection against opportunists, why shouldn’t a laptop? Well, that’s exactly where the 800 G5 series’ omni-level security comes in.

Protecting the Windows with HP Sure View

In the same way that you wouldn’t have a house without curtains, it’s bizarre to think that there are still so many of us that don’t use any sort of privacy screens, especially when considering the amount of employees that work remotely. Whether they’re not available, viewed as inconvenient, or simply lost to the depths of a desk drawer, the fact is that privacy screens are not being used nearly enough. Thanks to a joint development with 3M, HP Sure View means that users need never be without a privacy screen again, by building it into the device and having it activate with a quick button press, and this is included in the full range of 800 G5 devices. It’s clever how seamless the experience is too, so if you have a spare minute then be sure to watch it in action.

Securing the Doors with HP Sure Click

Leaving your doors unlocked and wide open is a mistake that we’re only likely to make once, yet it’s something we do (virtually) every day when we browse the internet. It’s easy to get complacent, but every time we visit a new website, we’re either trusting it as safe or relying on our anti-malware software to catch anything before it can do any damage. With Sure Click, HP have almost removed the need for such precautions by utilising virtualisation to isolate every website visit, meaning that any dangerous content can’t get to your local data.

Reinforcing the Locks with HP Multi-Factor Authenticate

Okay, we admit that this one doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as the previous two, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a game changer as far as security is concerned. With the 800 G5 series, HP provide up to three-factor authentication. Better yet, all security authentication information such as passwords and biometrics are stored at hardware-level, making them impossible to access through typical methods, and establishing the G5 series as ludicrously secure. After all, there’s no point having locks if you keep the set of keys next to the door.

Cementing the Foundations with HP Sure Start and Sure Run

It’s generally the most neglected element of security, but minimising the damage that an attack can do once it’s broken through is absolutely paramount. At the core, Sure Start allows a device’s BIOS to self-heal and also features runtime intrusion detection. Though not as deep but just as crucial, Sure Run monitors key processes, alerting users and IT if a process changes in anyway, and restarting them automatically if they’re stopped. In action, this would mean that if an attacker tried to disable a firewall and antivirus, they would both start up again automatically, frustrating any attempts on the device.

All in One Place

Alone, any of the above features would be worth shouting about, but when they all feature in the EliteBook 800 G5 series, you can see why they’re turning heads. It’s never been more fitting to say that these devices truly are as safe as houses.

Get in touch with your Account Manager to find the perfect 800 G5 device for you and secure your order.

Shop the whole 800 G5 series here.

To find out more about HP’s Security features, click here.






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