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Making Tax Digital: Are your customers compliant?

Published date: 09/04/2019 14:10

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital is a government initiative aimed at making it simpler and more straightforward for businesses and individuals alike to ensure they get their taxes right. The plan is to transform the UK's tax system by 2020 through the use of software that can do the majority of the hard work for the individual or business in question. The government's intended timeline for this scheme shows that, in 2019, businesses, self-employed people and landlords can start updating HMRC quarterly with their tax and National Insurance information via accounting software. it’s also important to know that businesses will be mandated to use the Making Tax Digital platform from April 2019 to meet their VAT obligations. If your customers are used to dealing with paper, this can sound like a daunting process. However, Fujitsu’s scanner hardware and the ScanSnap Cloud are the ideal solution for going digital… 

How can going digital help? 

Scanning documents is a simple and effective way to ensure all the documentation you need for your customers VAT and tax returns is stored securely in one place and is easily accessible for your online accounts. ScanSnap Scanners from Fujitsu enable everything from printed receipts to invoices to be quickly and simply scanned in. ScanSnap Cloud will even identify the type of content you upload and route it directly to your preferred cloud service, so there’s no need to even boot up your PC. You can rest assured everything you need is held securely online and all in one place, making it easy for your customers to submit their VAT and online tax return when the time comes. 

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Not only are Fujitsu scanners the perfect solution to help you go digital but they also boast the following benefits:  

1. Saving money and space Scanners negate the need for paper-based filing systems, which saves money as well as opening up plenty of office space.  

2. Better productivity Workers have no need to dig around for the exact document they need, wasting precious working hours, if that data is already digitised and just a few clicks away. 

3. Smarter working Having the data within easy reach – no matter what device a worker is using – is increasingly important as more people work remotely.  

4. Disaster Recovery Paper documents don't tend to survive well in the event of fire, flood or simply loss; digital data is far more robust and can be securely stored both online or external storage devices for future use. Scanned documents also won't deteriorate as physical copies will. 

5. Legality Records need to be retained not only for the purposes of business use and taxes, but also to meet legal and regulatory obligations – such as for GDPR compliance. Check out our GDPR guide for SMBs here

6. A greener way of working Scanning is a paperless process, and often there is no environmental cost when documents are distributed electronically. If documents are scanned, less paper is wasted, transport of documents is reduced and the amount of landfill used is lessened.

So what are you waiting for?

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