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Meet the vendor that is going above and beyond on sustainability

Published date: 20/03/2019 10:02


Once you scroll past the Brexit headlines, global warming is undoubtedly the biggest subject of the last few years, and indeed the decade. More and more businesses are either voluntarily changing their practices to reduce their carbon footprint, or are being made to do so due to increasing quantities of legislation. This isn’t something that’s going to change, which is why it’s always good to hear when companies are already going above and beyond their legal obligations. It’s the sort of behaviour that sets a good example for other businesses to follow, while also indicating a genuine desire to do more for the planet. The company in this case is Kyocera, thanks to a core vision that’s seen the conception of an eco-friendly toner and a particularly innovative range of printers.

The printer range is called ‘ECOSYS’, and while the clue in the name alludes to its green nature, it also has the added benefit of saving businesses money. These laser printers are designed around a patented long-life drum and high yield toner which together cut down on waste and reduce the time you spend changing parts, ultimately cutting the total cost of ownership. The long-life drum technology in particular decreases total consumable waste typically by 80% – an unquestionably impressive figure.

As well as consuming virtually no power while on standby, the ECOSYS line also represents an ongoing challenge that Kyocera have set themselves: to make each new ECOSYS device have less emissions than the previous model. Not only is it a solid commitment to continuous improvement; it also means that when your customers are buying the newest device they’re also getting the most environmentally friendly one – a welcome development in an area where it can often be difficult to see the benefits of upgrading.

The new printers aren’t all that Kyocera have in their growing eco portfolio, as the toners themselves are enough to make their own headlines by virtue of them being 100% recyclable. To back this up, Kyocera have a free takeback service on their toners with the accompanying policy that sees none of them go to landfill. They can do this precisely because the toners are so simple in terms of parts used: there can be as few as five parts on a Kyocera toner, with them using only two types of (recyclable) plastic. Additionally, with no organic solvents and minimal water used in the manufacturing process, environmental impact is mitigated. The eco-friendly toner also plays its part at reducing energy consumption in the workplace by greatly reducing the fusing temperature during printing, while the micro wax shell construction delivers the high quality, vibrant colour images that have become emblematic of Kyocera.

Kyocera’s toners and ECOSYS printers represent a real drive towards making it easier for businesses to hit their environmental targets without cutting quality. With the environmental impact playing a bigger part in the purchase decision, giving your customers the choice of eco products like those from Kyocera helps to protect them from a new way of thinking that may see buyers go elsewhere, while also promoting your own company as one that’s ready to lead others in a more environmentally friendly direction.

To find out more about the ECOSYS line and other products from Kyocera, contact your account manager or the Westcoast Print Team.


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