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Microsoft 365 for Business (finally) launches

Published date: 07/12/2017 16:15

  By Nicola Boswell

 It definitely feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for the release of Microsoft 365 Business, but finally it’s here!

Why are we excited about it? The opportunity to move small businesses to a complete cloud solution in one bundle really is awesome. Interested? Here’s a quick introduction to what you get.

All the features included replace the necessity for having any physical on-premise hardware apart from the users’ devices, meaning less maintenance, less room required and more time to be productive. Users will be able to login to Windows 10 using their Office 365 username/password and leveraging EMS/Azure AD for any policies that need to be put in place (replaces group policy to some extent).

Like many Microsoft customers have opted for, email systems can be fully integrated within the cloud. Outlook via Office 365 has the same feature set as if you were running it off an on-premise server, but with increased security and flexibility that only the cloud brings. You can also set up Outlook to auto-configure to the user who logs into Windows 10.

EMS/Intune are used to manage devices from a security perspective. Policies can be put in place to not only secure the device, but also manage when Windows updates as well as setting which apps a user can or can’t install. Just one example of Intune in practice is setting up Windows Defender to scan at a specific time.

Through Microsoft 365, physical file servers can be migrated into SharePoint storing all data in the cloud and making it easily accessible from any device, or going even further and synching it with all users’ OneDrive accounts. This fully customisable app provides multiple additional features that a standard file server just isn’t capable of.

We’re excited about Microsoft 365 because it brings everything together into a unified solution. It stands as a landmark of how far cloud computing has come, and we’re looking forward to helping you and your customers accelerate it even further.

To find out more about Microsoft 365 head over to our dedicated page on MS Mix.

Or, alternatively, contact the Cloud Team by emailing cloud@westcoast.couk or calling 0333 003 1701.



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