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Should Conferencing Be The Rule, Rather Than The Exception?

Published date: 27/04/2018 14:16

So it’s 2018, ‘mobility’ and ‘digital transformation’ are still buzzwords, and yet we’re still barely scratching the surface of what our technology can do. Digital notebooks haven’t yet replaced pen and paper, tablets haven’t unearthed laptops, and, despite conferencing software and hardware being readily available, there are still fully-booked meeting rooms up and down the country. In an age where it’s more important than ever for businesses to effectively manage their budgets, a move to a conference-first environment saves money across the board. How much money? Well, you might be surprised. 

First, the outlay — a business that wants to take conferencing seriously needs just three things: Skype for Business, webcams and microphones. Laptops generally have those last two built in, but if you want to do things properly then it’s better to get more specialised hardware. This would likely be a webcam from Microsoft, as well as a high-quality conferencing unit from Sennheiser that can pick up lots of different voices, while making sure that the people speaking on the other side of the screen sound crystal clear.  

In terms of saving money, the first thing an employer can do is look around them. How many people need to be in the office right now? There’s no need to go to the extreme and make everyone go home, but there’s a definite argument for having a set day where people work from home. And once that’s implemented, it might be that businesses don’t need quite as much space as they thought. It could be that keeping three meeting rooms is no longer necessary, or that there are a couple of desks that could be replaced with better staff facilities. In fact, taking a look outside might show that there really isn’t a need to have so many parking spaces. Ultimately, it could allow a business to move to smaller premises that could also be more convenient for staff to get to, meaning a happier workforce and a healthier bottom line.  

It’s not all about saving money though; in many cases it just makes sense. With some quality conferencing kit, you don’t need to have everyone crowded in a (usually) small room. It also gives more flexibility to employees, which can go a long way to further enhancing employee relationships.   

Moving to digital conferencing full-time can completely change the way a business works for the better, with minimal investment required. This means that if nothing else, there’s very little to lose by at least trying it out. Just get in touch with Westcoast to find out more details about what your customers need to make them conference-centric.  

Find out more about Microsoft conference cameras here.

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