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Struggling with your marketing?

Published date: 15/03/2018 10:57

It’s not easy being an SMB. Huge competitive rivalry in the IT sector means that you need to make a lot of well-tuned noise to stand out from the crowd, and this can be tricky. Through working with resellers of all sizes and skill levels, we’ve been able to identify some of the common issues that they face when carrying out marketing activities. Let’s get straight to it:

No Marketing Department

Marketing is perhaps most tricky when you don’t have a dedicated head or team to promote your organisation. Without someone who deeply knows your business from the inside, it can be difficult (not to mention expensive) to promote your value proposition to the outside. Which leads to the next point…

 Expensive Agency Fees

You can use a marketing agency to put together and execute campaigns, and indeed you should. But relying on them as a sole means of marketing is inadvisable. You should also shop around for quotes, even if you’ve been using the same agency for years. It might be that you can get a better price, as well as some fresh ideas for your organisation.

Lack of Marketing Collateral

Some vendors are huge; some are small. As such, not all of them will have ready-to-go collateral that will fit your purpose. You might stumble across a treasure trove of fliers and cheat sheets that are made to help you pitch some fancy new monitors to the Public Sector. But then, you might not have a single customer in the Public Sector. If this happens, don’t lose faith. You can look to repurpose this for your own means, and in the process you will have also created something that you can show to your customers, safe in the knowledge that it’s original to you.

 Information Scattered Everywhere

 Every large vendor is guilty of this in some shape or form. As a marketer it can be a great feeling when you find a vendor’s online marketing portal. You no longer need to hunt for logos, fliers, or cheat sheets - they’re all here! But wait, that’s not this year’s product, and what’s this about having to go to another site to get high resolution images? And then having to sign up to that website, and wait to be verified, and then — oh, you get the idea. It’s very easy for vendors to upload lots of content to their marketing portals, but seemingly impossible for them to clear out old collateral. Worse still are those that have multiple portals, apparently hidden all over the aether. It’s exasperating to try and keep up.

 The Solution

 If any of the above resonate with you, then Westcoast might just have the ideal solution. We’ve developed Canvas, an online portal from the ground up that’s chock full of marketing collateral for you to easily rebrand, and it’s entirely free for Westcoast customers to use. You just pick a piece of collateral (whether it be Microsoft, HP, HPE or more), upload your logo, add in some details and then it’s instantly rebranded and available for you to use however you want to.

 Visit to try the tool out for yourself. It’s only going to grow as time goes on too, so let us know any of your requests for marketing collateral by emailing us at, and we’ll see what we can do.





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