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The Four Key Accessories for Data Protection

Published date: 18/05/2018 10:42

Data. It’s a small word with big implications. How do you store it? How do you protect it? Well, organisations can (and should) get a robust well-rounded security solution, but there are also a huge amount of things you can do to look after your data at a physical level. With GDPR days away take a look at the following accessories, for use in a range of different scenarios. And if you have any other suggestions, just drop them into the comments.

Get a privacy screen

Loads of sensitive data is displayed on monitors and laptop screens every day. This could be a confidential deal, customer bank details or salary information. When you start thinking about the amount of sensitive data that appears on your screen, you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought about it before. Get a 3M privacy screen for yourself and urge all of your customers to get one. Then you’ll never have to worry about people looking over your shoulder again.

Keep data under lock and key

If you’ve got customers that are using their laptops in public places then a lock is an essential accessory. If your laptop gets stolen, it doesn’t just cause a massive inconvenience due to all of the data you’ve lost — there’s a huge feeling of vulnerability that comes with it. Having a quality lock from an established vendor like Kensington provides a solid deterrent against thieves, so you can focus on getting work done rather than keeping an eye out for opportunists.

Selling into schools? Storage lockers.

If you work with schools and you’re not aware of the huge range of storage lockers and carts that Kensington can offer, then do yourself and your customers a favour by giving Westcoast a call. These gizmos both store and charge devices, while also keeping them secure and easy to manage. When there’s a lot of technology in a class it’s easy for the odd laptop to go missing — a storage locker or cart can ensure that everything is accounted for, so all laptops and crucially their data is kept strictly within the school.

The classic USB stick

 You should never ever count out the simple usefulness that quick flash storage provides, particularly for the most important of files. Got a customer that does project work day to day? Equip them with a load of USB sticks or similar flash storage from Transcend, and then they can keep a physical backup of their most important data. Then if a sudden update corrupts the entire system, the user hasn’t lost months of work. It’s smart, efficient, inexpensive and effective, but above all else it provides peace of mind.

After all, all of the above solutions are epitomes of ‘peace of mind’, and users will only know how valuable they can be after they’ve been negatively affected by not having them. As a key contact for your customer you can help them by having these conversations before the worst case scenario becomes reality — and there’s no time like the present. Plus, if you need to speak to Westcoast about the full range of data protection solutions, we’re only a phone call or email away.





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