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The Greenlake ripple effect

Published date: 01/07/2019 10:00

With an increase in enterprises demanding cloud repatriation services, and a continuing shift to consumption-based IT solution selling, Greenlake heralds a new era for the cloud, as Westcoast has been one of the first to identify and capitalise upon.

In everyday life, would you be happy with paying over the odds for products and services that you don’t use or need?  Of course not. 

Then why do some in our industry assume their customers would be happy doing the same when it comes to the cloud? 

HPE has been quietly building its Greenlake proposition with this philosophy in mind, based on an awareness that end users now want to customise their IT in a different way and are leaning heavily towards consumption-based IT.  The Greenlake market alone is currently worth $3billion and is growing at 80 per cent annually. 

Global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is continuing to skyrocket. Analyst giant IDC’s most recent Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide [Source 1] predicted spending will reach $210billion in 2019, an increase of 23.8 per cent on 2018. In fact, the market is set to reach £370billion by 2022. 

There is also a growing global trend towards cloud repatriation – according to another IDC report, some 53 per cent of companies were, or are considering bringing some of their workloads back on-premises [Source 2]. This is down to a mix of reasons, ranging from GDPR concerns to data sovereignty requirements and overall uncertainty over whether their business model is suited to the cloud.

The best solution to these concerns is a hybrid cloud approach, offering customers a simple, consumption-based ITaaS model that addresses all their needs. Greenlake covers all those bases and gives control back to the customer. 

No other distributor is as well positioned as Westcoast to help resellers harness the potential of Greenlake, which we believe is a significant opportunity.  

Traditionally customers have been buying a lot more than they need, and overprovisioning massively, thinking they need to throw everything at the cloud. From a channel sales guy’s perspective it was a good short-term gain, but it is not a good strategy for either side in the long run. 

Those same customers are now realising they don’t have to put everything into the cloud and want some control back. Analyst firm 451 Research hinted at a ‘hybrid by default’ IT environment where on-premises IT environments continue to play a role in enterprise IT estates [source 3]. 

Our role is helping those customers understand what that mix of hybrid cloud should look like, bringing the various platforms and cloud technology together more effectively. 

For resellers that journey is easy too – they just have to partner with us. We can do everything for them. We have built a Greenlake practice filled with very skilled individuals from pre-sales through to a commercial and technical support perspective. They cover the whole journey from start to finish. We understand the legal issues and control flow through the supply chain. 

In short, we have already been there, long before anyone else, and know what a Greenlake channel strategy should look like.

Earlier this year, we executed the first ever Greenlake deal in Western Europe [source 4], which at the time was the largest channel deal ever done globally, but which crucially gave us the working experience of moving through the lifecycle of a Greenlake project. 

We now have the blueprint to manage any project, and it puts us above and beyond all of the competition. We are way ahead in this game and can make deals happen, effectively helping our partners build a Greenlake proposition out of the box. 

Not only that, but we act as an extension of our reseller partner’s business – transparency is a key component to Westcoast’s Greenlake strategy – and crucially, they still own that customer.

Their customers will always know if costs are going to increase because of the predictability element thanks to analytical abilities of HPE’s Consumption Analytics offering, formerly known as Cloudcruiser. 

Finally, through HPE’s  ‘Assessment Foundry’ - a service that resellers can white-label - they can look at a customer’s platform before even starting a Greenlake conversation and see what that particular IT environment is doing and what they want to achieve, rather than selling them a truckload of stuff they don’t need right off the bat.  

The Greenlake opportunity is very real and the time is ripe for maximising the opportunities in this hybrid cloud revolution. All resellers need to do is come and talk to us. 

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