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Westcoast Modern Workplace Roadshows: Why You Need to be There

Published date: 27/03/2018 14:35

Functionality. Mobility. Flexibility. Creativity. This is the modern workplace.

During the course of the last few months, businesses throughout the country have been discovering that their offices are not fit for purpose. While they can cope pretty well with fair-weather scenarios, add a bit of extreme weather into the mix, and it all starts to unravel. With tech tethered to desks and scanty mobile access, if the office can’t be reached then work grinds to a halt.  

Westcoast’s Inspiring a Modern Workplace Roadshows have been devised to help resellers discover all the options available to get their clients up to date and ready for anything. This is why you should be there.

5 Reasons to Come to Westcoast’s Modern Workplace Roadshows

  1. Microsoft 365 is a huge, comprehensive beast of a platform and while the obvious parts of the offering – Office Suite, Skype, cloud storage – are, well, obvious, there’s a whole lot more to get to grips with. During the Modern Workplace open days, we’ll be demonstrating how you and your clients can use 365 to its full capabilities, in three simple segments, including the most important of all; security (EMS) with a mobile workforce.​
  2. Not blowing our own trumpet too much, but the roadshow is also a great opportunity to come and see us and learn how to make the full gamut of Westcoast tools work for you. From the Surface Calculator for easy quoting, to the Surface loan pool and marketing funds via the Big Pitch, whatever you need help with, we’ll be there.
  3. Surface as a Service. You’ve no doubt heard of it, but do you really know what it could mean for you? We’ll show you how you can use Surface as a Service to deliver all of your customer’s modern workplace needs – devices, accessories, software – all on one monthly bill.
  4. This event isn’t just about helping your customers, but helping your business too, so joining us on each of the roadshow dates will be John French, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network. He’ll be there to talk about the Microsoft incentives and rebates available to get your business booming.
  5. Finally, everyone is going to be there. Surface experts, members of the Westcoast Surface & Cloud team, accessory vendors: whatever it is that you want to know about products, services, tools, marketing, there will be someone there to help you.

The Westcoast Inspiring the Modern Workplace Roadshow will be visiting Manchester (11/04), Paddington (23/05) and Silverstone (05/06). To book your place, simply click on the link.


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