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Westcoast Rebrand Six Months On

Published date: 07/06/2018 16:02

We still can't quite believe it's been 6 months since the launch of our brand new identity. It seems like only yesterday we launched our new look to the channel. It really has been a great 6 months indeed and we've certainly come a long way! So to celebrate the occasion we spoke with Westcoast Marketing Manager Jess Tyley to get to know a bit more behind the decision to rebrand, the process involved and the impact it's had on the business.

Explain why the company wanted to rebrand. What was the driving force behind that?

I think you only need to remember the old website to see why we wanted to rebrand! It had been a long time coming really. Our last rebrand and logo change was in 2007 so we needed a bold, modern look that reflected the forward-thinking company we are.

In addition to the way we looked, we also did some business discovery sessions internally and with customers to understand our ‘DNA’ i.e what the business means and stands for. Out of this we developed a new set of values and the brand was put in place to support these. 

What did the rebranding process involve? Did you face any challenges along the way?

We began the planning for it more than a year before the launch. Led by the marketing team but involving many more people from across the business. We totally transformed the offices with new desks, meeting areas and branded signage.Training around the new values was delivered across the whole business and each member of staff received branded merchandise. We revamped the website and built out an extensive comms plan covering social media, email and press, and on launch day we had staff across all sites taking part in fun activities. So there was lots going on!

In terms of challenges I would say the hardest thing to manage was stakeholders and staff expectations. We had so many people wanting to be involved in the process which was great, but the risk there is often going off on a tangent when you have a launch day deadline looming!

What new brand story are you telling with Westcoast, and how does this position you stronger against competitors in the IT channel?

The new logo has three sections which represent Westcoast our vendors and our customers. It’s true that our business and the services we provide form a crucial link between the two. And the brand story is around those services. No longer just a traditional distributor we span fulfilment, cloud enablement, configuration, enhanced logistics, merchandising and marketing of a huge range of products. And we deliver these with flexibility and innovation. 

What impact do you think the rebrand has had on the business as whole? (Ie. Customers, Staff, Business)

It has definitely given staff a sense of pride. They can invite visitors to the office and show the place off. Or build an impressive presentation using the bold imagery we have. Plus the website now has a wealth of content and is much more welcoming.

What are some of your favourite features of the new brand?

I like the colours we’ve used in the logo. They look modern and fresh. And the W icon. It looks great on our social media channels – although people say it looks like a tooth!

What advice would you give to a company thinking of rebranding?

Plan plan plan! And give yourself an extra month at least on top of what you expect!

What can we expect from Westcoast next?

Lots of literature and digital content around our services plus insight into how they can help resellers add margin and value.



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