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Westcoast awarded 19th in the Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers

Published date: 07/12/2020 11:37

We’re thrilled to announce that we have made the top 20 of the Logistics Manager Top 50 Service Providers for 2020.

On day 1, our MD Alex Tatham, and Logistics and Operations Director, Andy Newberry discuss; How Westcoast has grown over the past few years, including some highlights for 2020; how the Warehouse capacity has grown with the opening of our new 341,000 square foot centre in Andover; and how this transformation has been key to expanding the Westcoast business.

Westcoast are growing incredibly fast. With the expansion into a whole range of services – this year we’ll grow 25% from 2.8 billion to 3.5 billion. Growth which is extraordinary, and which has been driven by the demand for not only IT products, but the ability to expand into the logistics network. As the largest privately owned IT business in Britain, the key thing is that we’re really flexible. Don’t pigeonhole us just into IT, look at some of the work that we can do.”- Alex Tatham

Our investment strategy has shown and there are great opportunities in the UK and in Europe. Although we are a domestic UK company, we have a lot of big operations in Ireland, which is really important for Brexit, and we are a huge export in France as well. We’ve got a big opportunity now in that we are just about to open a new centre in France, and with the new warehouse in Andover, we are now fully operational which is absolutely key to supporting the Nightingale Hospitals. A lot of companies in the Logistics list are partners of ours, so it is great to see these big names there.” Andy Newberry

To listen to the full interview, visit the Logistics Manager website here.


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