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When unbeatable service meets improbable speed

Published date: 04/10/2017 11:05

The Westcoast CSP and Keybridge IT Solutions story…

Every client is different. Every one. It’s this understanding that Keybridge IT Solutions and Westcoast have in common. 

Supplying IT solutions for the recruitment industry, Keybridge have very particular needs for their clients. Reliable, intuitive software; consistent, trustworthy service; and speed. In a sector where change happens constantly, Keybridge need the ability to react almost instantly, and that’s what they have found in Westcoast CSP. 

The Westcoast CSP (Cloud Service Provider) is a pay as you go service which delivers a full gamut of Microsoft business software on a rental basis; from everyday Office programmes to hosting and cloud storage. The role of Keybridge is to help their clients to find the right package for their business, and the role of Westcoast is to provide Keybridge with the means to do just that. Quickly.

The way the CSP differs from the original cloud-based services is that it allows the partner provider (in this case, Keybridge) more control – control over pricing, billing, margin, and support. Contracts can be flexible; they can be cancelled, lengthened, or changed on demand. And the service is almost uniquely scalable, with billing running only one month in advance, allowing end-users a previously unheard of degree of elasticity, so that clients always get what they want, when they want it… Which is particularly important in a sector constantly in flux. 

With Westcoast there to provide back up, troubleshoot and general help and advice where needed, Keybridge have been empowered to enhance their customer offering, respond more quickly and expand their business. 

‘We found that other providers generally only operate on an email basis, this means that when we need assistance – accessing new licences, for example – we’d often be waiting as much as 48 hours,’ says Natasha Adkins, Keybridge IT Operations Manager. ‘With Westcoast all it takes is a phone call, and we can be up and running within 10 to 15 minutes. That’s made a real difference to our customers and our business.’

What makes us really sing at Westcoast is hearing that since implementing Westcoast CSP, Keybridge IT Solutions have been able to increase their profitability by between 10 and 15 per cent. This has allowed for investment in staff training and an expansion of services, which in turn has led to a broadened client base and diversification; Keybridge is growing by the day. 

From the outside, IT solutions can seem almost esoteric in their complexity. There is so much jargon to wade through that offering advanced services to your customers can seem like more effort than it’s worth. Our job is to clear away that density of language and product, and deliver a service that will answer your customer’s needs efficiently, helpfully, friendlily (that feels like too many lys!) without miring you in a quag of red tape and waffle.

Where could your business go, if you had the flexibility to provide your clients with exactly the services they’re looking for? 

#SeeThePossibilities of working with Westcoast to grow your Cloud business. Find out more here


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