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Working from home today? Thank millennials.

Published date: 22/12/2017 16:16

Every news outlet talks about them, organisations keep targeting them, and they’re some of the most demanding people alive without even knowing it. Love them or hate them, millennials are changing the world.

It’s easy to view millennials as self-entitled, but they’re merely the victim of being born in an age where technological innovators have reigned supreme. Really, we’ve been utterly spoilt by Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bezos and others, and millennials have embraced what they’ve created. In turn, this has created an expectation around the future of tech which is forcing companies to desperately innovate and create the next big thing. Just look at the humble TV; no longer a purchase just to watch the main channels, it’s now all about the smart features that it has, and what other things it can connect to.

The workplace isn’t exempt from such attitudes. Take mobility — versatility is arguably the top requirement for work devices. A standard laptop just doesn’t cut it anymore, and if a device can’t last at least a day without needing to be charged then it may as well be a ball and chain, shackling the user to their desk and away from opportunity. There are wider implications too: flexitime, hot-desking, working from home and visiting clients were either non-existent or drastically different (and cumbersome) processes before mobility came along.

But what defines mobility? It’s not enough to just be portable any more after all, and the goal posts will keep moving as new innovations are injected into devices. Luckily for us, Toshiba have identified some other key trends which will continue to drive mobile working in the coming years.

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