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Zeroing in on Advanced Cloud Solutions for the SMB

Published date: 12/10/2017 11:26

ZenZero began as a small business with big ideas. The plan was to deliver IT solutions to the SMB, so that their clients could rely on enterprise-level technology while working on a more modest scale. A personal, efficient and knowledgeable service soon won ZenZero fans and customers, but the team saw room for improvement. 

Small and medium sized businesses have a very distinct set of needs. The likelihood is that they won’t have a dedicated tech department, or even managers, so everything – all forms of support and advice – will need to come from their external solutions supplier. And that’s what ZenZero specialise in; providing bespoke, customer-focused IT products, help and guidance to growing companies. Although already a gold-rated Microsoft partner, ZenZero were experiencing one major difficulty; an inflexibility in service delivery. 

With customers tied into cumbersome annual contracts necessitated by the original Microsoft cloud infrastructure, ZenZero were unable to deliver the agile service they aspired to. They were one of the best in their field, but they still weren’t where they wanted to be.

Delivering fast and flexible cloud solutions, the Westcoast CSP service enables providers like ZenZero to offer a more personalised, scalable software management package to their customers. New licences can be issued – or withdrawn – at 10 minutes notice, eliminating the need to plan days in advance; tailored service packages can be structured to suit the customer’s and business’ needs, fostering closer relationships; and prices can be tweaked according to the degree of involvement necessary, rather than employing a one-size-fits-all approach. 

With the help of Westcoast, ZenZero were able to transition more than 60 credit card account customers across to the CSP platform. Despite being experts in their field, with exceptional knowledge of Microsoft systems, ZenZero were also able to benefit from Westcoast’s in-depth systems expertise, profiting from an introduction to new transitioning software and allowing the company to develop an enhanced degree of credibility. This in turn, has allowed the team to set their sights on company expansion, and ZenZero is now exploring the potential of taking their services to larger scale businesses; not quite corporate, but at the heavier end of SMB. 

‘Our goal, if we’re to continue to grow as we are, is to go after bigger customers,’ explains Will Brooks, ZenZero’s Commercial Director. ‘Having the great proposition of Microsoft 365 gives us the tools we need, but the added support that Westcoast bring is also really important to do that.’

ZenZero are a dedicated, determined company and they would have got where they were going with or without Westcoast CSP. Our contribution was to speed up the journey, while removing all potential bumps from the road. 

ZenZero were able to #SeeThePossibilities of working with Westcoast to grow their Cloud business. Can you? Find out more here   




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