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Published date: 16/07/2018 10:23

The Super Six

Journalists constantly write about it. Analysts get excited about it. Customers know they have to do it. But how does Digital Transformation translate practically, to sales opportunities you can explore today? Westcoast has identified a Super Six list of opportunities that deliver on the promise to meet customers’ transformational needs.

Some are quick wins, others may take more nurturing, either way it’s time to get in on the action. Because it’s happening right now.

The six transformative heroes

Everything aaS

Organisations turn to Everything as a Service solutions to increase bring down costs, streamline processes and reduce downtime. HPE GreenLake provides these benefits but also lets customers maintain control of the apps and data in their own environment.

Intelligent Edge

Intelligent Edge uses smart, connected and controlling technology (think IoT). Instead of sending data out to a data centre or third party, analysis is performed at the location the data is generated. This makes data interception harder and reduces reliance on network connections.

Blades Plus

Blade Plus aides digital transformation by optimising infrastructure for hybrid IT workloads while maintaining cost, flexibility and operational simplicity. It also facilitates faster processes, brings greater availability, and increases agility through data centre automation.

Gen 10 Transition

HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers help customers modernise their infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the business, across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private cloud.

Shift to Software Defined

Customers are making the shift to software-defined infrastructure to simplify their IT and gain greater flexibility. Cost-reduction and efficiency benefits immediately justify the investment.

Storage to Flash

Flash operates at incredibly fast, high-performance rates with almost instant response times. This enhanced capability means your customers can transform their existing infrastructure and deliver on their digital strategies at new-found speeds.

And one extra hero to help you

Westcoast Sidekick

With us on your side, you’ll have all the support, training and marketing you need to turn each of these Super Six opportunities into a super success story.

Get in on the action now!


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