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Introducing New Year Resolutions, the Westcoast & Juniper incentive. Get your year off to the perfect start by winning from an array of prizes, all based around common New Year Resolutions.

The prizes are split into three categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Partners will qualify for the incentive if they achieve the following deal value within the incentive timeframe:

Bronze: £1,000 - £4,999

Silver: £5,000 - £19,999

Gold: £20,000 upwards

Click on the images below to discover our fantastic range of prizes. The prizes are not mutually exclusive, therefore, more than one partner can choose the same prize.

The incentive runs from January 22nd until March 16th 2018. All Juniper orders placed within this time frame will be eligible for the incentive. There are three prizes available in each category, in the event of more than three partners qualifying for a certain category, a random prize draw will be used to determine the winners. One eligible order gains one entry to the incentive, therefore the more eligible orders that you place, the greater chance you have of winning.

Once the winners have been determined, a winning partner can request an alternative selection of prizes if the current ones are not geographically suitable.

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