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My account: Your central hub

Back orders in one location

View your complete order history with the flexibility to choose orders from specific time periods using the calendar tool.

See order details in real time

Our system will refresh your order status information every 20 minutes for an overview that is always up to date.

Easily manage user access

Multiple colleagues can place orders for more efficient working amongst staff. Assign managers to grant or rescind staff access, and apply different user permission tiers.

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Westcoast Online - Finance - April 2021

Keep all your favourite products in one place

Never lose track of a SKU again! Your favourites are ideal for planning and organising large orders, or orders which require multiple staff input.

Create a range of reports

From Back Orders to Serial Numbers, Shipments to Stock Reports, always have access to the data you need to help drive your business forward.

Maintain an address book

Fast shipping address selection at checkout, ideal when supplying to repeat customers, cutting out the headache of manual inputting as well as reducing shipping errors.

Westcoast Online - Reports - April 2021
Westcoast Online - Delivery - April 2021

Keep track of returns

Simply apply date filters to see the list of invoices for your returned orders.

Special bids at the click of a button

See your list of special bids, and easily find bid numbers, authorised end users, and expiry dates.

Once logged in, any bids available to you will be clearly displayed on the corresponding product pages for ease of reference and rapid shopping basket building.



The IT distribution world is ever-evolving, and how we carry out transactions is no exception. Gone are the days of lengthy phone calls and being transferred to several different people in order to get the stock you need.

Simply find your SKUs with our handy search bar, optimised navigation menu, or our filtering system, add your products to basket and you’re ready to go.

With competitive delivery charges and better time-efficiency than placing manual orders, the Westcoast website offers a plethora of benefits to drive your business forward.

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Navigation made easy

The Westcoast website offers comprehensive drop-down menus and extensive categorisation, and as a result, finding products using any search criteria has never been easier. With our constantly updated product data, you can be sure to find the technical specifications you need on each product page to make an informed decision.

Comprehensive product filters

Make use of our detailed filtering system to narrow down your search, and enjoy the convenience of adding products to basket without needing to spend time clicking into the product page. Our “Sort by” function allows you to view results based on how much stock is available, the relevance to your search query, and pricing.

Narrow down the best products for your needs with our Comparison Tool

Compare up to four products by using the tick boxes on any product list page, giving you a clear overview of the differences between specifications.

Use our quick FAQ form for additional help with product specs

If you're still uncertain, or the more niche specifications are not listed for the product, you will always be able to reach us via any product page with our straightforward FAQ form.



Get yourself set up with a user account on the Westcoast website and reap the benefits of quick and easy service without the middle man. Please contact your account manager for details or check out the account registration page for everything you need to complete the initial sign up process to become a Westcoast reseller.

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