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Services - Prepare

Services - Prepare

Our core services include server and client device building/upgrades, OS/software installation, rework, imaging, laser etching, green light testing and asset tagging. Strategic guidance and planning, ensuring technology is expertly configured for the end user’s environment, these solutions are designed to take this cost out of your business, eliminate DOA’s, and save time and manpower.

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Keep your customers' business moving forward with the latest hardware upgrades. From additional memory to hard drives and graphic cards, Westcoast can provide a wide range of hardware upgrades on client devices.

All of our configuration services are guaranteed and will not affect the customer manufacturer's warranty. This service also allows you to eliminate faulty equipment arrivals, dramatically reduce installation times and ensure that your customers receive a plug and play product configured to their needs on arrival.

Software Installations including Office, Virus Protection, etc

Provide your customers with the pleasure of plug and play. Whether Microsoft Office installations or virus protection, Westcoast can offer a wide range of software upgrades on client devices, so they deliver exactly what your customers need, straight out of the box.

All of our configuration services are guaranteed and will not affect the customer manufacturer's warranty. This is also a fail-safe way to eliminate faulty equipment arrivals and dramatically reduce installation times.

Reworking including Bundling, Reboxing, Keyboard removal, Sim Card install

The Westcoast rework service has been created to save time and remove complications for your customers. Before deploying units to site, we can undertake whatever your customers need to be up and running as quickly as possible, be that adding screen protectors, removing excess packing, bundling items or installing Sim cards. We have the flexibility to build an ad hoc service tailored completely to your customer's needs.

Westcoast's pre-shipment services are invaluable for any business working at scale. Ranging from straightforward configurations, through to design and testing for the most complex projects, we can remove any stumbling blocks long before they become a problem.

Services include hardware build, OS installation, enclosure build, DOA boot up testing and 24-hour soak testing. This ensures that your customers are ready to work from the moment they receive their goods.

Westcoast's configuration centre was designed with scalability in mind. We have the ability to image 120 units in unison.

Our in-house deployment servers can push images to each node on our network. This can quickly be changed to accommodate bespoke customer builds such as Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), Servers or Systems Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) servers. The configuration centre enables our customer to have connectivity to build servers 24 hours a day, if required.

Westcoast can install VPN access to a dedicated customer network or host a customer-supplied deployment server. Our image technicians will work closely with you to ensure that we can help deploy any image to your specific requirements, or work with the end user to create the master images.

Our configuration team can asset tag just about anything. Time delays are avoided by the labelling and documenting of hardware before it arrives on site, so it can be deployed immediately upon arrival.

We run our own laser etching services, which can be used across a wide range of products. Your customers can designate anything from company names and asset numbers to personal messages. This is particularly handy in schools and other public-sector organisations where a large amount of equipment can be accessed by a high number of users.

Westcoast can conduct a wide variety of imaging on point of sale machines. This year, we have expanded this service to include Muira and EPOS till systems.

If you don’t have the space for stock, Westcoast can hold your resources in our dedicated warehouse for you, shipping them straight to your customer when required. This also allows you to enjoy greater visibility of your supply chain through electronic ordering, since we automate reporting and invoicing. Together, these two features can lead to significant cost savings and more efficient purchasing.

Additionally, if you wish to take advantage of a short-term price promotion, but don’t have the space to store the stock, ‘bill and hold’ means you can use our warehousing. Not only do you enjoy more control over product roll-outs and shipping, it also means you can cut costs by making the most of our unique rates and services.

Custom Configuration

We also offer a custom configuration service if you need something more bespoke. Get in touch today or fill in our online form to place your request.



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