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When it comes to international shipping, Westcoast always delivers. We have seven large warehouses throughout the UK, and have the scale and powerhouse to ship thousands of consignments on a daily basis. Our team know how important it is to provide a fast, hassle-free service – so why not let us take care of it?

Westcoast are already experts in shipping to the EU (Ireland or Mainland Europe) and are working with a number of freight forwarders to provide services for all UK customers concerned about shipping internationally. What’s more, to ensure your client’s shipments arrive without a hitch, we’ll take care of paperwork, tariffs, VAT deferment and regulations. So you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

The EU will be implementing full border formalities on 1 Jan 2021 (the UK are phasing them in over six months), so it’s important that your clients are ready.


To provide your clients with the best shipping experience possible, we work with a number of partners. These include DHL, Europa Flow, Primeline Express and more. Without them, our first-class international shipping service would not be possible.


Find out more about our international shipping service in this video. You’ll hear from Managing Director, Alex Tatham on what makes Westcoast unrelentingly excellent. You’ll also get some facts and figures from Group Operations Director, Andy Newberry. Plus, you’ll hear from Operations/Customer Service Manager, Sue Keywood on how Westcoast is preparing for Brexit.

Contact us at:

for more information.


With news surrounding Brexit frequently changing, we’ve created a place for you to get the latest updates, guidance and any plans we’re making. Visit our page to see regular updates.



To ensure shipments go smoothly, you’ll need to arm yourself with the right information. View our checklist below to ensure you ask your customers the right questions.

Do you have customers outside the UK?
Do any of your customers ask you to deliver outside the UK?
Are all the potential Brexit rules going to effect your normal shipping?
Do you have all the relevant registrations?
Do you have an advisory partner?
Are you concerned with paperwork and duties?

At Westcoast we have a team working on what is needed to ensure shipments are received efficiently and competitively priced.

Driven by Senior Management and partnering with some of the biggest carriers and experts.

Please note that all customers will need an EORI number in order to receive a delivery following Brexit. For more information, click the button below.


Keen to find out more about our international shipping service?

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