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Client Services

It’s our innovative and unique set of client tools that just keeps pushing us above our competitors. And it’s easy to see why — they’re all focused on enabling partners to transact more effectively and efficiently, so everyone wins.

Get the right finance plan for the right customer

As a result of our wide-ranging experience and the size of our organisation, we’re able to leverage competitive financing rates along with innovative and flexible market-leading investment solutions for your customers. This is all done through our finance division, Westcoast Financial Services, which is celebrated for having a vast range of payment options for customers to choose from. The one thing the plans have in common is that they’re all aimed at providing you and your customers’ with the most convenient way of settling your bills and optimising the credit available to you.

Upgrading to the latest tech

Don’t know what to do with your customers’ old technology? No problem. We can trade it in and assist in the move to new platforms. As long as it has a value, you can apply it to the new purchase as credit, or use it towards a separate transaction.

Mobile services

Whether you're an IT reseller or Mobile Dealer, Westcoast has developed a range of mobile solutions to enable you to take advantage of changes in the market. We help recognise the value of your customers' old devices through competitive 'business ready' trade-in options, funding the cost of the total solution through out innovative financial models. On top we add further value through mobile device management, insurance and extended warranty options to help you support your customers.

No room, no problem

Want to take advantage of a short-term pricing promotion, but don’t have the space? Thanks to our Bill & Hold initiative we can hold your stock in our warehouse. This gives you more control over product roll-outs and shipping, so that you can save on costs while taking advantage of our unique rates and services.


We’ve invested huge amounts of time and money into having the best online tools for our customers. Here are just a selection of tools that are used on a day-to-day basis by resellers to support and grow their businesses:

  • Avalon Apple Configurator

Apple configure allows you to find the best Apple solutions specific to your customers’ requirements.

  • iQuote – HP

Get quick and accurate HP PC and server quotes at the most competitive price.

  • iCreate – HP Workstation & PC configurator

iCreate is our exclusive HP workstation configuration tool. With the full range of HP devices at your fingertips, you can modify a selection to your customers’ specific needs or based on the applications they plan to run, so they get the perfect solution every time.

  • Apple DEP – Device Enrolment Program

Avoid going through lengthy deployments with manual configuration processes by utilising our Apple Device Enrolment Program. Devices are ready to go right out of the box, so large scale deployments are no longer an issue.

Laser etching

Engraving and marking services can strengthen an organisation’s brand identity while adding extra security. We can engrave text, numbers, security messages as well as company or school logos. The great news is that warranties are unaffected by our engraving service.

Asset tagging

Our asset tagging service lets us label or mark your customers’ equipment with a unique ID prior to delivery to provide peace of mind. Labels are available in tamper-resistant materials, and make it simple to monitor inventory, schedule maintenance and avoid loss of devices.

Configuration and imaging

Take out the mundane task of customers having to configure and image their new devices by letting us do the work. Our engineers work from a base imaging build that can incorporate anything from software to screen savers. We have the capacity to build up to 700 devices per day, so no job is too big or small. We’ll also provide the image onto recovery disks, so that rebuilds are no problem. By letting us build the image prior to dispatch customers can focus on more important matters, and they can also be sure that they won’t receive any Dead on Arrival (DOA) products, so it’s a fantastic option for ensuring a seamless deployment.

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