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Configuration Tools

We have designed, created and developed a number of online tools, all of which are available for you to use to help support and grow your business. Our tools, which include iQuote and CSP Marketplace, give quick and accurate quotes and configurations at the most competitive price without the need for technical expertise.

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Configure Macs to exact customer requirements using the Westcoast Configured tool. Build a Mac to required specification by choosing from a number of options to simplify the sales process and save yourself time when ordering Macs from Westcoast.
Purchase AppleCare as a digital product through Westcoast and enter the details through this portal.
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Introducing Westcoast’s Cloud Marketplace! Through us you’ll be given access to an intuitive interface that lets you manage your CSP customers easily and efficiently; giving you more time to focus on new business.
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Save even more time. With L@W you can now get your SPLA pricing and place Office 365 Open licensing quotes and orders online, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

HP Configuration tools

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Here you will be able to configure a full Workstation build as your customer requires, with full flexibility on the level of RAM, Storage type/Capacity, NVIDIA Pro Graphics Option plus the correct peripherals for the job.
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The iQuote Configure, Price, Quote tool helps Distributors and Resellers around the world to grow their HPE business by increasing revenue and margin through options attach, increasing quote accuracy and reducing quotation turnaround time.
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Desktops, notebooks, tablets, point of sale, workstations both mobile and desktop can all be configured using our HP top config tool.

Product Selectors

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