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Credit & Finance

Westcoast exists in an extremely competitive market, and because of this we’re aware of just how important it is to have the best support behind your business. That’s why we offer a large range of reseller and end user finance options, as well as leasing availability, so there’s an option to suit everyone.

Westcoast Financial Services

With the scale to leverage competitive financing rates along with innovative and flexible market-leading investment solutions for your customers, Westcoast Financial Services has a huge array of payment options to choose from. They’re designed to provide you with the most convenient way of settling your bills and optimising the credit available to you, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Better still, you can unlock rewards and fast track your growth with Westcoast: we reward prompt payments with discounts, and regular on time payments will allow you to quickly increase your credit rating and facilities with us.

Here are just a few of the benefits of purchasing through Westcoast Financial Services:

Trade in legacy technology

Trade in disposal technology and data wipe services along with valuation of legacy technology to assist in the move to new platforms. If legacy technology has value, that capital can be leveraged to reduce the cost of moving to your new platform, or simply used to invest elsewhere.


Overcome budgeting constraints which only allow for immediate requirements

Customers can future proof their business by accelerating years 2,3,4,5 budget into year 1. A potential 400% increase in spend power will enable customers to obtain the technology required to meet business goals as opposed to allowing current budget to dictate technology investment levels.


Customers pay nothing for 90 or 180 days

If a customer is looking at transitioning between platforms there may be a requirement to dual test systems or a desire to avoid outlay in the near future. Work with WFS to align your initial expense on a project to go live or desired first payment date - simply spread costs over 1-5 years and pay nothing for 90 or 180 days.




Westcoast and American Express has been working in partnership for over 4 years, helping Westcoast customers manage cash flow and grow their businesses. It gives our customers the flexibility of an alternate and extended lending source for purchases, all at no cost to you! This is a free solution and one we are proud to exclusively offer in the channel!

If you want to though for a small fee you are of course able to benefit from the Amex Membership Reward points, this is optional and not required to be accepted for the facility.

Additional Offerings

Minor Credit Limit (MCL)

Designed to help small and start-up businesses, or businesses that only require a small limit. We offer limits of £1,000 and £2,000 on net monthly payment terms which makes MCL ideal for companies that want to establish a trading relationship. This represents a great first step in obtaining a higher credit facility with Westcoast.


Credit Limit Accelerator

This service is designed for businesses that need to grow their limit - and grow it fast. We provide a £5,000 credit facility that can be quickly increased over a ten month period to £50,000.



Partner Schemes

We understand that finance options aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, which is why we provide specialised credit lines for specific product categories across our entire catalogue. These have been tailor-made for the products they include, so be sure to talk to your account manager or our Risk team to see if we can provide you with more credit to help support your needs.

Back to back, Finance deals

Back to back finance is a fantastic option for businesses that want additional support for large orders that ordinarily would affect their run rate availability or exceed their existing facility altogether. The thing is, we understand the impact orders like these can have on cash flow and the frustrations that come from not having the ability to support these opportunities with credit terms. That’s why we have a 97 per cent acceptance rate on facilitating these orders end-to-end. If this sounds like something for you, then have a quick chat with us to see how we can support your growth and help you secure more deals.

People who can really help

Our Credit Risk team create all of our new customer accounts and will be able to assign the most appropriate credit lines at the time of account creation. They’re more than happy to go through all of the various additional options we have available to fit in with your requirements — no matter what they are.

The thing to keep in mind is that we’re not robots who will hide behind calculators and equations. We operate with pragmatism as well as professionalism, so if you’re investing in the products and services that we offer and you find yourself needing a higher credit limit, then we’re more than happy to re-evaluate this for you at any time. Just get in touch when you need us.

Westcoast is hugely proactive right up to the leadership team, and our group credit risk manager regularly meets with resellers face to face to gain further understanding of how we can support your requirements. To say that we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve developed with our customers is an understatement, and we want to go even further in providing support where and when it’s needed.

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