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  • Using AI to revolutionaise IT. Join the first AI-driven network - Juniper landing page

The digital world is changing quickly, in the cloud era, providing the best experience both in the office and to your customers is everything and your network is expected to deliver. When modernising your approach, how can you keep costs manageable, while meeting those expectations?

With Juniper, you can meet those requirements with ease and with confidence. Juniper Mist uses AI and cloud architecture to deliver automation and insight that can transform networks, simplify workflows and help businesses keep up with changing expectations.


Ensuring customers get the best possible experience, whenever they are connected, is the primary goal of many businesses. An AI-driven enterprise uses AI-driven architecture to deliver a cloud platform that helps you control IT applications, networks and data, whilst using automation to increase efficiency, and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Quite simply, you’ll save time and money. Using AI-driven architecture within a cloud platform is a strategic move that allows you to streamline and centralise all your apps and networks, deliver unprecedented scale and enable exceptional customer service.

Access to data for outstanding customer experiences and machine learning to automate intelligent responses

Reduced cost of operations by understanding human language and offering answers to real customer issues

Use of virtualised Bluetooth to drag virtual beacons onto any environment to get even more accurate data


  • Visibility of entire network (Wireless, Wired and WAN)
  • Proactive issue detection
  • Reduced dependence on manual operations
  • Creates a self-driven network


    Our record of delivering smarter solutions speaks for itself. Working closely with major industry players, including Microsoft, HP, Apple and – of course – Juniper Networks, we’ve built a reputation for careful support and considered expertise that’s seen us become a trusted partner for many UK resellers.

    As the largest privately owned technology company in the UK, we’ve got access to a wider selection of brands, products and technology than you’ll find elsewhere, and our team is always available to provide an unmatched level of service. From sales support to fast turnaround delivery and setup, we have you covered.


    Higher education

    From student recruitment to blended learning, experience to efficiency, Juniper Mist can be used to massively improve higher education. Premium analytics can examine every data point created, based on anything from browser choice to location, then AI can make changes automatically.

    From virtual tours to better campus safety, the sky’s the limit for AI-enabled outcomes.


    From increased clarity and direction around a hospital site to more efficient use of resources, Juniper Mist AI can transform the healthcare experience for organisations large or small. Location services can identify bottlenecks and high traffic areas in hospitals, while the increased efficiency offered by Juniper can lower IT operating costs.

    Local government

    Supporting changing citizen expectations is simpler with Juniper Mist AI. Used effectively, it can enable smart services, including automated parking management, and reduce IT overheads for limited council budgets. Footfall analytics can even be used to identify busy offices and times automatically, so staffing can be adjusted to suit.


    Facing up to the challenges of hybrid working and changing customer engagement norms can be difficult for businesses. The premium analytics, microservices architecture and location services of Juniper with Mist AI makes it simpler. Enable any time, any place, any device working, better data harvesting and increase the number of tasks that can be effectively automated using the power of the platform.



    Juniper driven by Mist AI

    Traditional networking solutions

    Experience- first networking

    Uptime-first networking

    Controller free architecture with open APIs

    Controller-based, monolithic architecture

    Common AI engine

    AI bolted legacy solutions

    100% API-based programmability

    Limited APIs

    Unified hardware and software portfolio

    Mixed portfolio tied to specific architecture

    Personalised services based on location

    Limited location offerings


    To support the communications you have with your customers on Juniper Mist AI, we've created ready-to-use content for you to use. We want to help aid those conversations and drive the key benefits to your end-customers.

    Customer email

    Use this email to help outline to your customers what Juniper Mist AI can do to help transform their business, increase network efficiency and more.

    Social posts

    Utilise these social posts on your own channels to share how Juniper Mist AI uses the power of AI to revolutionise IT applications.

    KEY FAQs


    My network works fine. Why upgrade?

    As is often the case, we don’t notice how much better a solution might be until we try it. Juniper Mist AI enables significant benefits that you’d otherwise miss out on. Not upgrading could end up being a costly decision, as your customer and staff experiences might fall behind the competition.


    How can I learn how to use Mist AI?

    We can provide training and support, plus, we’ll set it all up so you get all the benefits of AI, without having to learn all about it.


    Can I see it in action first?

    Yes! We can arrange live demos, so you can see what the system offers, how easy it is to use, and the real benefits you can take from it.


    Download our dedicated support pack for an overview of Juniper Mist AI benefits to help connect with your customers and shape your sales conversations.

    Are you ready to join the first AI-driven network?

    We are making security updates to our website over the coming weeks. This will include a multifactor authentication during log in.