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Credit Services

Westcoast offers a wide range of credit facilities to suit customers of any size. Westcoast’s credit schemes are amongst the most innovative in the channel. Our credit schemes are designed to enable you to obtain a facility that will support your business requirements. Choose the right scheme for your business.

Minor Credit Limit Scheme (MCL)

The MCL scheme is designed to help small and start up businesses, or businesses that only require a small limit as would prefer not to pay upfront for their purchases. The scheme offers limits of £1,000 and £2,000 on net monthly payment terms and is ideal for companies that want to establish a trading relationship - a great first step in obtaining a higher credit facility with Westcoast.

Credit Limit Accelerator Scheme (CLA)

Our fantastic CLA scheme is designed for businesses that need to grow their limit and grow it fast. We will provide a £5,000 credit facility that can be quickly increased over a 10 month period to £50,000. The scheme offers you a chance to build a strong trade history in a relatively short amount of time. Speak to your account manager today for more information.

Standard Credit Limits

Westcoast can offer a standard credit facility of any size to suit any businesses requirements. We offer full flexibility, so talk to us today about your needs.

Back to Back deals

Not enough credit to support an order? We can offer full support on large orders that may otherwise exceed your credit facility. The flexibility that Westcoast can offer allows you to keep your large orders separate to your existing run rate credit limit so that your usual trade is not affected. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult when you win a large order to be able to place this with one supplier or be able to fund it due to the size of the deal or the roll out period. Talk to Westcoast today to see how we can help support your business further.





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