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Winning with Gen AI in 2024

Published date: 06 February 2024

At our Win with Westcoast industry insight event, technology market analysts and leading vendors shared their expertise on the Generative AI (Gen AI) opportunity. For our partners, those that embrace Gen AI in 2024, stand to position themselves competitively in the market.

What will Gen AI bring in 2024?

We heard a lot about Gen AI in 2023. But in 2024, it will be life and business changing. Artificial Intelligence – AI – is a concept that’s been around for decades but is now becoming accessible in day-to-day business and is set to disrupt the market for every business and user.

In our working lives, what Gen AI creates, humans will enhance – removing the mundane and allowing users to focus on bringing more value to their roles. In the words of Win with Westcoast keynote speaker, Anjana Srinivasan, General Manager, Device Partner Sales, Microsoft, “Gen AI will free up time to do tasks that are uniquely human”. It will deliver impact across every role in the workplace, from data scientists to social media managers – and businesses that don’t embrace it will fall behind.

The channel opportunity

For the channel, Gen AI will represent a $158 billion1 opportunity by 2028 and for 58%2 of partners, AI will be a significant component of their growth. In the short term, these revenue opportunities will come from support with AI-enabled products, such as Windows 11 and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) devices that will accelerate performance, like the next-gen Surface Laptop Studio 2, as well as AI and advanced data services.  

The emergency of everyday AI also brings with it a new and booming industry of Gen AI start ups that are growing fast and will need their own technology support – bringing another fresh opportunity to the channel.

Guiding the AI journey

While Gen AI has the potential to accelerate workflows and offer a more time-efficient, intuitive way of working, it won’t be without its challenges. Privacy and security, as well as its impact on sustainability, will be areas of key concern for organisations. They will be looking for support in navigating this area.

To become trusted partners, resellers will need to allay these fears with robust solutions, that deliver security features and address sustainability issues.

Capitalising on Gen AI will require careful planning and embracing partnerships with trusted and knowledgeable parties. Westcoast can provide its partners with the knowledge, services and consulting that will be critical in guiding organisations through this period with a particular Gen AI focus. Helping them get more value from the opportunity.

Win with AI and Westcoast

Our trusted experts can help you with conversations with your customers, identifying opportunities, providing the solutions and the value-added services that your customers will need to confidently power their businesses into the future with Gen AI.

We’ve invested heavily in our Gen AI capabilities to help you to embrace the possibilities for your business and we look forward to sharing some of these exciting updates with you in 2024.

To find out how we can help you from pre-sales through to solution delivery and beyond, contact your Westcoast Account Manager.

1 Canalys estimates, July 2023
2 Candefero channel survey, EMEA partners, 2023; Top business priorities for 2023


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