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About Authlogics Password Security Management

Passwords are everywhere. Most users find them annoying and cumbersome. Even the most “secure” passwords can get locked out, forgotten or compromised, some from human error, some from process and policy.  Either way, it’s not the best way to secure application and cloud access. A breach is only a matter of time.

Simplifying complicated passwords and policies, improving password security, assuring compliance and ensuring productivity is not easy without a next-generation multi-factor authentication solution.

How does Authlogics’ Password Security Management compare?

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About Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication

Given today’s threats to business, deploying additional security measures beyond passwords is often critical. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions can help prove who we are, but most are difficult to deploy, hard to use and expensive.

Authlogics MFA is a complete and easy to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Management, Single Sign-On and password replacement solution for on-premises and Cloud applications. Manage user identities, assign applications to users and choose from multiple authentication technologies. A user can easily prove who they are, all without a password.

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How to reach out to us

Speak to your Westcoast representative or email us at


We are making security updates to our website over the coming weeks. This will include a multifactor authentication during log in.