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Services - Dispose

Services - Dispose

Finally, Westcoast can help with the buy back of old IT equipment and preparing devices for scrapping. With environmental pressures, full scrapping and diversion to landfill is no longer an option. IT recycling is about maximising revenue returns, controlling and managing risk and ensuring all aspects of the service are secure and approved. It’s something that we’re passionate about and have worked hard to get right.

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Westcoast can organise the removal of all old IT in a safe and controlled manner following 5 simple steps:

  1. Agree a list of devices for collection
  2. Attend site with security cleared engineers, collect devices in secure containers
  3. Containers returned to central hub for data wiping and assessment
  4. Remarket, refurbish, or recycle items – tailored to customer requirements
  5. Detailed report delivered, along with data erasure and/or destruction certificates for each data bearing device processed

Westcoast can offer an IT buyback scheme. The service provides a valuation of the redundant IT estate, based on current market conditions and grading of the equipment. This enables customers to plan budgets in advance and factor in the resale values before projects commence.

All IT product that is removed from a customer site will be data wiped using industry standard approved software, Blancco. The process includes data erasure, audit reports and certificates of destruction/recycling.

Our hard drive destruction and secure shredding service ensures that you keep information confidential and secure. As a standard service we offer an industry leading 11mm particles system. We also have the ability to shred to 6mm which is the standard for MOD.

This service is able to be offered off site as well as from our own location.

Custom Configuration

We also offer a custom configuration service if you need something more bespoke. Get in touch today or fill in our online form to place your request.



Download PDF version of this page here.   For pricing please contact your Westcoast account manager.

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