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Imaging & Supplies Services

Encompassing a myriad of vendors spanning hardware, consumables, supplies and spares, imaging at Westcoast means opportunity and innovation. Whether you’re looking to break into new markets with 3D and large format or you simply need a reliable source of office supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Finance that’s as unique as your needs

With such a wide range of vendors and products, why should payment options be limited? Westcoast Financial Services has a variety of payment options so you can optimise your credit line while giving yourself and your customers a flexible way to settle bills.

Specialist people

If you want the best service we need the best staff, and our Print team are just that. We’ve got expert talent in every aspect of the purchase journey, with specialists in sales, support and business development. With no switchboards or answering machines, they’re all just a quick call away.

Pioneering tech

When you buy through Westcoast you’re not only getting a quality service; you’ve also got access to products that you won’t find anywhere else. ArtSystems is our specialist 3D print arm pioneering disruptive tech like the Makerbot and HP ranges, and we’re also proud to be the sole distributor for HP’s A3 offering of security protected wireless printers.

Configuration and pre-delivery inspection

No one likes downtime, so why not use our specialised Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) service?

By pre-configuring the printers before they arrive on-site, your customers can have a plug in and print experience with none of the usual installation disruption. Our PDI service can also offer location delivery, connect, unpack and package removal and even machine demonstration. Just let us know what you need.


We can all agree on one thing: printers take up a lot of space. But why make that your space? We’re more than happy to free up space and resources in our own warehouses by holding stock for you and shipping straight to your customer.

If you’re looking to get more visibility of your supply chain while increasing purchasing efficiency, you should give our electronic ordering a try. This automates reporting and invoicing, and significantly cuts costs.

Arguably the jewel in Westcoast’s crown is its bill and hold system, which lets you purchase products on short-term pricing promotions without having to take the stock into your own warehouse. You’re then free to get the stock delivered to yourself at a later time, or have it shipped directly to your customer.


It’s never good when a vital device breaks down, but with our dedicated Spares team the disruption is always going to be as minimal as possible. Our partnership with Bybox means that we have access to over £120 million worth of products ready to ship with the next day delivery, including rollers, drums, power cables and maintenance kits.

Supplies and Consumables

We’re extremely proud of our supplies business. With coverage throughout Europe and our fantastic vendor partnerships you can be sure that every product we ship is genuine. As a result, you get peace of mind as well as access to unique vendor programmes and incentives.

Electronic ordering

If you want to automate and speed up the end-to-end toner replenishment process, then look no further than Westcoast’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services. Through the power of EDI you can get up-to-the-minute pricing and stock levels, while also benefiting from automatic order processing and extensive reporting.


Our bundling solutions are top of the class. Not only do we offer traditional soft bundling at time of dispatch, but we’ll also put together hard bundles on your behalf. Just let us know your unique SKUs and required quantities, and we’ll do the rest.


Don’t forget to add that personal touch by having us repackage ink with your own branded sleeve before it ships to your customer to make a lasting impression.

Get in touch by calling 0118 912 6000 or visit to find out more about everything we can do for your business.

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