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About Appguard

AppGuard’s zero-trust approach to endpoint security is revolutionary. Appguard blocks malware before it can detonate and cause any harm and prevents every type of attack, eliminating the need to devote ever-increasing resources as are required by legacy solutions that rely on virus signatures and pattern matching.

Going months, even years, without updates being needed, Appguard is a solution born in the US intelligence community to give its agents the very best security as they performed their life risking roles.

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True Set & Forget Endpoint Protection - By preventing endpoint compromises without signatures, exploit patterns, or other near-infinite data streams, AppGuard requires no updates or help from the cloud to protect endpoints from the latest threats.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership of Endpoint Security - directly reduce downstream costs that manifest in the forms of tools, services and personnel, business processes for areas such as cyber hygiene, security incident and event management (SIEM), next generation firewall, breach detection systems (BDS), incident response, forensics, remediation, threat intelligence, and operations optimization. 

Reduces Enterprise Skills Gap – Because AppGuard naturally blocks unacceptable actions, administrators are not put in the position of having to analyse and react to alerts, lowering the time and cost requirement of protecting and analysing endpoints threats and reducing incident and alert volumes.

Alleviate Patch Management Pressure - IT practitioners concede software patching is laborious and time consuming, but necessary. AppGuard assumes that endpoint applications have unknown exploitable vulnerabilities by default and so its controls automatically place applications under ‘guard’. Unpatched applications are just known vulnerabilities to AppGuard.

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