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Westcoast’s data analytics journey

The term ‘big data’ is often banded around but essentially, as the world becomes more connected, more processes are being automated allowing businesses to capture data faster than ever before. This is set to increase astronomically as the Internet of Things really takes hold.

And it is these huge data sets, or big data as it is commonly called, which, when analysed, can be used by organisations to make better informed business decisions.

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Solutions that help you succeed in the digital age by managing and analysing your data – your most valuable currency – from core to edge.


It’s a data driven world

Harness all the possibilities of machine learning, memory driven computing and other innovations in data and analytics. We’ll help you get the right mix of solutions from the digital core to the intelligent edge to drive your business forward.

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Practicing what we preach

Westcoast has been investing in the big data and business intelligence opportunity for some years now and represents key suppliers HP and Microsoft. Uniquely, it is conducting its own, very public big data trail in the full gaze of its vendors and resellers, sharing the findings with them.

Westcoast has had to ask some important questions about how big data can be used it to improve the way we works and how we can share these insights with our partners. We don’t have all the answers yet, but with the potential for big data to fundamentally change the way a company operates, it would be foolhardy to simply throw valuable data away. 

Full gaze

Within Westcoast we are currently documenting our own journey into the world of big data. Our plan is to use this intelligence to speed up our decision-making to provide a better customer experience.

As part of this process, we plan to teach our customers how to use their own data more effectively, using the technology we sell. In this way, we hope to demonstrate the value of data and how we can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and, looking to the future, find answers to the questions that industry doesn’t know exists yet.

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We are making security updates to our website over the coming weeks. This will include a multifactor authentication during log in.