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We live on the edge of the feverishly touted 5G revolution: an always-on, interconnected, AI-driven world where our devices enable unprecedented interactions. Buzzwords abound. The infrastructure is finally rolling out, and Lenovo was first out of the gate to make sure phones could tap into the promised multi-gig per second speeds.
Work happens anytime, anywhere, and technology must be able to keep up. Portable devices that resemble the smartphone to deliver the always connected lifestyle needed by today’s growing businesses can make the unconventional workplace of your dreams, an everyday reality. With employees taking devices from place to place, and desk to desk, laptops must serve as constant travel companions.
New employees retain information after a VR experience two times more than after viewing video or text-based learning materials. An unforgettable onboarding experience for employees is the crucial first step to a successful and productive career. This is why Lenovo is digitizing and transforming employee orientation with its own virtual reality (VR) Mirage Solo headsets.
On a bright spring day in San Francisco, eighth-grade girls gathered in the library of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Beyond the usual books, sets of virtual reality headsets lay across round tables—one for each student. “VR as a tool can make things more concrete because it can transport you, it can make an issue seem psychologically and physically closer.”

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